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February 18, 2006  South by Southwest

Next month I will be attending South by Southwest Interactive. Most people know of South by Southwest because of the music festival, but there is also a film and interactive festival that precedes the music one.

I will be speaking at a Web Hacks panel run by my co-worker/homeboy Sergio Villareal. Other people on the panel are Kevin Gibbs, Aaron Boodman and Glenda Bautista.

The panel coincides with a number of presentations on web standards, yet tries to argue the benefits of breaking the rules:
"Standards are not the end-all be-all of web methodologies. For years, people have been hacking together ugly, daunting, proprietary, but perfectly functional code. Hear the reasons and learn the tricks from the renegade side of the fence."

I'll go in to more depth on this topic later.

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By the way, Slide was nominated for a SXSW Web Award for Technical Achievement. (Vote for us!)

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