Johnnie Manzari

In My Dreams
3 Dec 2004, 3:00pm


Bruce Chizen

Bruce Chizen: “Hi, can I speak to Eric Schmidt please?”

Eric Schmidt: “This is Eric.”

Bruce Chizen: “Hi Eric, this is Bruce over at Adobe.”

Eric Schmidt: “Hey Bruce, what’s going on?”

Bruce Chizen: “I’ve been thinking about Avalon and XAML recently.”

Eric Schmidt: “You mean the Microsoft stuff? XML-based markup language for describing interfaces and the hardware accelerated rendering engine?”

Bruce Chizen: “Right. Well, I keep hearing about you guys building a web browser over there based off the Mozilla code base. And I got to thinking… what if we helped you guys by building a hardware accelerated GUI rendering engine for that thing? I’m talking 32 bit floating point interfaces rendered at 60 fps. We’d use SVG as the base just like what Microsoft is trying to do with XAML. And now instead of Avalon, people would have something that works across operating systems.”

Eric Schmidt: “Hmm… that would be cool. Gmail would blow the socks off of Outlook if we have that kind of engine. What’s in it for you?”

Bruce Chizen: “We’re building out our enterprise platform. A lot that revolves around PDF, the web, servers. I’m tired of IE. We need to be platform agnostic. With teamwork we could get a lot farther than if we work alone. You know, I’m sure a lot of people will say I sound like Marc Andreessen circa 1995. It’s true that the issues may be the same, but the context is different.”

Eric Schmidt: “This is true. I’ve got a meeting right now, but how about I stop by San Jose tonight and we sketch this out?”


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